Nicaragua: The Statue of Mario Morice Martínez



Sepultura Famila Morice by Bernard Gordillo

Mario Morice Martínez was born on February 9, 1947 and passed away on March 19, 1960, having lived just over thirteen years. An accident that involved a handgun was responsible for ending his short life.

He was prodigious at the piano, and was a self-taught accordionist. His parents were Carlos Morice and Gloria Martínez, the latter from Matagalpa.

The Morice family mausoleum can be found in Jinotepe’s municipal cemetery, where a beautiful, yet melancholy marble statue of Mario greets all who pass by.

The unsigned statue depicts a sharply-dressed Mario playing his beloved accordion, a silent music of the spheres. His head bows down slightly as if in a perpetual moment of reflection.

Does he lament his tragic end?

I am taken by the statue’s beauty and technical refinement, every detail is realized, and surprised that it has remained in its place for so long, having suffered little vandalism, and the turbulence of Nicaraguan history since Mario’s death.


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