Nicaraguan Music Archive of Historical Documents (FONMUNIC)




Fondo Histórico Documental de la Música Nicaraguense [FONMUNIC] (“Nicaraguan Music Archive of Historical Documents”): a national treasure comprised of forty-thousand manuscripts by Nicaraguan composers, collected and preserved by Alfredo Barrera Narváez. In fact, under the supervision of the Institute of Nicaraguan and Central American History (IHNCA), the archive is part of a plan to nurture the arts in Nicaragua, sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Its historical value is immeasurable. The archive holds works by Luis Abraham Delgadillo, walzes of Alejandro Vega Matus, and José de la Cruz Mena—a valuable resource for scholars, musicologists, professors—the most important of Nicaragua’s musical heritage. Because of this, and much more, the FONMUNIC is the pride of Nicaragua.

Learn more: IHNCA (UCA)

Institute of Nicaraguan and Central American History (photo: IHNCA)

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