OAE: Success in Attracting Younger Audiences



"The Night Shift at Wiltons 10" (photo: Courtesy of the OAE)

Tom Service came to an interesting conclusion last year when he announced the success of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment‘s Night Shift series in attracting younger audiences, an elusive yet reachable goal for many a classical music organization.

One of the reasons the younger punters liked The Night Shift was that they learnt about the music, feeling intimidated at the [London Symphony Orchestra] and [London Chamber Orchestra] gigs because they didn’t have an access point. The problem there is much bigger than the format of classical music concerts, that endlessly unoriginal theme: education, not whether you’re allowed to take your beer into the concert. It’s simple really… of course, promoters need to be alive to fresh ways of presenting events and attracting new audiences, but it isn’t going to be the odd experiment with informality that changes classical music culture – it’ll be education.

Here’s a video put together by the OAE of a Night Shift event, mostly background footage from a rehearsal, but good shots of the non-traditional venue where the concert was held, as well as some fleeting still images of the audience at the performance.


Learn more: Night Shift (OAE)

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