Photo: Indiana University Doorways



University buildings can represent different things to different people. Their respective entrances can give the high school applicant hope, inspire the full-time student to work harder, represent stability for the professor, and symbolize part of something much greater to the passerby.

For me, it’s a photo project.

The central campus* and oldest part of Indiana University at Bloomington contains thirty-nine official buildings (not including, the lone fraternity house), some of which go back to the 19th Century. Nearly all are made of limestone and have entrances that are as varied as each building design.

The following set of photos is a series I took of central campus doorways. One entrance—principal or minor—per building.

(After hitting ‘play,’ click on the bottom-right box of the viewer to enlarge. You can find individual photos on my Flickr page.)

*Framed by 3rd St., Indiana Ave., 7th St., N. Fess Ave., 10th St., and Jordan Ave.

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