Photo: Jordi Savall on Flickr



There are several hundred photos of Jordi Savall on Flickr. It’s not surprising when you take into account how much he tours as director of Hesperion XXI and other distinguished ensembles.

One thing that struck me as I went through them—he’s often photographed in what seem to be quiet moments, a perspective even official publicity photos try to capture. In any case, they are very telling of an introverted and powerful musician.

Here are the most interesting.

In recital at the Prague Spring International Music Festival (original).

Jordi Savall – Nokturno na Pražském jaru / Nocturne at the Prague Spring (24.5.2009)

Directing at the Torino Milano Festival Internazionale della Musica (original).

27 V - Chiesa di San Filippo Neri

Performing in Switzerland (original).


Directing at the Misteria Paschalia Festival in Krakow, Poland (original).

7. Misteria Paschalia Festival

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  • Jperezsl

    Hi, thanks for liking my photo in flickr, just one note is Switzerland 😉
    I am gonna check you podcast. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the note. It’s a really lovely photo.