Roger Ebert and the Mozart Effect



At one point, Mozart‘s music was deemed essential listening for all babies. Apparently it helped in the development process, ultimately making them smarter—hence, the “Mozart Effect.” Then evidence came out that debunked any such claims. Scientists continue to test the theory, so the jury’s still out.

Either way, I’m totally confused as to what evidence I should believe (Mozart bananas notwithstanding).

Thankfully, American movie critic and virtuoso tweeter Roger Ebert has weighed-in on the subject with some sage advice. In one of many daily tweets, he makes an unexpected suggestion:

“Does listening to Mozart make babes in the womb smarter? One way to find out: Get pregnant and try the 99-for-$5 deal.”

He also added a link to the “recommended” recording (pictured).

I’ll wait for the jury.

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