The 4th of July in Nicaragua [1889]



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Detail of a map prepared in 1897 by the US Consulate in Managua showing the locations (circled in red) of the consulate and staff near the center of the capital.

No. 130

Consulate of the United States

Managua, July 5, 1889.

Mr. Wills to the Department of State


The 4th of July in Nicaragua

Abstract of Contents:

The Nicaraguan Government compliments the Government and the people of the United States by raising its flag, and firing national salutes on the 4th of July, 1889.


Honorable William F. Wharton

Secretary of State, Washington, D.C.


I have the honor to report to the Department of State that the Government of Nicaragua on yesterday, the fourth of July, complimented the Government and the people of the Unites States by hoisting its flag, and by firing salutes in the morning and at sun-set. In the evening its fine military band by order of President Carazo, appeared before the Consulate and played patriotic airs from seven till near ten o’clock.

Deputations from the President and Ministers called at the Consulate to offer their congratulations.

I deem it my duty to report these incidents as being the first occasion on which the anniversary of our National Independence has received such notable recognition by the Nicaraguan Authorities.

I am, Sir,

Your Obedient Servant,

Chas. H. Wills, Consul.

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