The Dufay Collective: Cancionero



You’ve probably heard the Dufay Collective perform even if you think you haven’t. I guarantee it. That’s unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past decade and have yet to see any of the Harry Potter films. And I mean the third one, in which they were heard on the soundtrack.

As well, director William Lyons was a musical adviser to composer John Williams, making sure that Williams knew what “instruments to use, the type of music that would be played, how the musicians would stand, etc.”

One of the Dufay Collective’s best recordings to date is Cancionero, for which they won an award and received a Grammy nomination.

Released in 2002 on the Avie label, the program centers around fifteenth and sixteenth-century Spanish court music, an ideal introduction to an excellent repertoire.


Cancionero by Dufay Collective

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