Video: Alfonso Marin Plays Narváez



Alfonso Marín plays the vihuela—a plucked string instrument common in 16th-century Spain, used for playing solos, accompanying singers, and taking part in chamber ensembles. The vihuela might even be considered a Spanish counterpart to the Renaissance lute, yet the latter did exist in Spain.

It’s been a while since I saw the video below and have wanted to pass it along.

Alfonso’s performance is quite touching.

An excerpt from his biography:

Alfonso Marín began his musical studies in the “Conservatorio Superior de Tenerife” (Spain), and afterwards in the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam” were he continued his classical guitar and vihuela studies under Lex Eisenhardt. From 1998 he devoted himself entirely to the study of early plucked instruments as the lute, theorbo and vihuela, continuing his studies in the same conservatory for five more years with the lutenist Fred Jacobs.

After his graduation he carried on with an intense concert activity as a soloist, vocal and instrumental accompanist as well as basso-continuo theorbo and archlute player in many renaissance and baroque ensembles, orchestras and choirs…

His collaboration with the soprano Valeria Mignaco is one of his most rewarding and fruitful musical activities, having performed with her in numerous recitals and festivals in Holland, Germany, Ireland, England, Belgium and Spain.

  • Fantasia by Luis de Narváez.

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