Video: Ann Hallenberg Sings Handel



Ann Hallenberg (photo: courtesy of the artist)

When the following video came out a few years ago, I was struck by a few things right off the bat.

And it only involved the first piece—Voglio tempo, an upbeat quartet from George Frideric Handel‘s oratorio Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno (“Triumph of Time and Truth”).


Now, the setting is a recording session for Le Concert D’Astree‘s 2007 Virgin Classics release of the oratorio (directed by Emmanuelle Haïm). It’s obviously intended to help market the recording, which presumably did somewhat well given the label and artists.

But what I found most impressive, apart from the overall singing—including soprano Natalie Dessay‘s incredibly trashy lively ornaments—and vibrant orchestral playing, was the elegant Swedish mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg (second soloist from the right, wearing a light-blue sweater).

She stood out immediately with the poetic way she turns a phrase. (It is a truly gorgeous voice.)

Here’s Hallenberg singing of one my favorite Handel arias, Dopo notte from the opera Ariodante.

The live performance comes from a 2007 production mounted at the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi. Alan Curtis directs Il Complesso Barocco.


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