Video: Beethoven and New York City



The Statue of Liberty

The music of Ludwig van Beethoven is hardly what comes mind when I think of New York City, one of the most modern and bustling cities in the world. Yet that’s exactly what the Swiss production company stimul chose as the soundtrack for a timelapse video feature.

Over the span of a day, moving images of New York–iconic and trivial–are sped up in a heightened state of frenzy. A high-strung city is pushed over the edge, given a serious dose of caffeine, beginning somewhat calmly and increasing in energy.

The images are underscored by the first movement Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, an angst-ridden work, restless to a tee.

Music and imagery are brought together in perfect choreography. They effectively redefine the city and the composer.

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(Photo: The Statue of Liberty by Eugene Wei)

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