Video: David Staff makes a Baroque trumpet



David Staff (photo: courtesy of the artist)

If you’ve ever heard large-scale performances by the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, New London Consort, and Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, to name a few, you’ve probably heard British trumpet player David Staff dispatching some of the most difficult repertoire written for the Baroque trumpet.

This includes J.S. Bach‘s treacherous second Brandenburg concerto, which he’s performed over 160 times.

Somewhere within that impressive number was a concert I attended in London, years ago, of the complete Brandenburgs. Just recalling the experience of sitting in the audience while he blended his sound with a violin, oboe, and recorder(!), really takes me back to a formative time towards the end my formal music training.

And yet many of the concerts I attended during that period of my life really left a lasting impression.

Staff’s performance, however, will always stay with me as an extra special memory. (Thankfully, he’s recorded the second Brandenburg at least once.)

Here’s a video of Staff in his workshop, making a Baroque trumpet from scratch. It’s another (recent) feather in his cap and another talent to marvel at.


Learn more: David Staff website

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