Video: Dido’s Lament Performed by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra



The words and melody are (more or less) the same, but the accompaniment is another matter. The mood is melancholy, but not of the type that a theater-goer during the English Restoration would have related to. This one distinctly is 21st Century.

Yet the performance of Henry Purcell’s aria “When I am laid in earth” by Susanna Wallumrød and the Magical Orchestra is no less touching than the original.

Wallumrød has lifted the climatic aria from “Dido and Aeneas” and turned it into a cover song worthy of a dark, brooding indie film soundtrack. The still images in the video reinforce the song’s innate character.

It’s hypnotic and draws you in. It’s at once familiar and totally new.


(photo: Marco Zanoni)

(via Ellen Hargis)

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