Video: Dmitry Sinkovsky Plays Jean-Marie Leclair



Jean-Marie Leclair was a French Baroque composer and violin virtuoso. His compositions, which primarily feature the violin, are considered to be some of the most demanding from the late-Baroque. They require exceptional technique and seasoned musicianship to pull off effectively.

Leclair published several books of violin sonatas that explore the complete range of what was possible on the instrument. A precious few, he noted in the score, could also be played on the transverse flute, a popular instrument with wealthy amateurs during the period.

Leclair belongs to a small fraternity of composers who were murdered. To this day, no one knows who killed him (only theories remain).

Here’s violinist Dmitry Sinkovsky and harpsichordist Aleksandra Koreneva in a performance of the final two movements—Gavotta gratioso and Allegro—from sonata Le Tombeau in C minor, op. 5, no. 6.


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