Video: Flying Steps Breakdances to J.S. Bach



It’s not something you see every day—breakdancing to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. But that’s exactly what the Berlin-based dance company Flying Steps does in a program called Red Bull Flying Bach. The ensemble is joined by pianist Christoph Hagel who plays selections from the “Well-Tempered Clavier.”

The video below, although a brief sampler, gives us a pretty good idea of how Bach’s music is used in breakdance choreography. It’s fascinating to see the transformation from a cerebral and introverted music into frenetic and exhibitionist street art.

Red Bull Flying Bach has already debuted in North America at the Montreal Bach Festival, following several performances in Germany. Let’s hope they tour the US in the near future (the live show must be something to experience).

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(photo: Ray Demski)

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