Video: Furor Musicus Performs Jacobus Nozeman



If you found yourself asking, “Who is Jacobus Nozeman?,” when first reading the title of this post, you will be forgiven for not knowing who he is.

I, too, thought the same thing when stumbling upon ensemble Furor Musicus‘s video of a live performance from the Dutch television program Vrije Geluiden.

Nozeman, a rather distinguished-looking gentleman, was a Dutch composer (violinist and organist) from the first half of the 18th Century who primarily wrote music for the violin. Aside from a mere handful of biographical details, not much more is known about him.

Here’s an excerpt from sonata for violin and basso continuo, op. 1, no. 2: Aria (Amoroso), Gigue (Allegro), Aria (Amoroso).

The performers are Antoinette Lohmann, violin, Sarah Walder, viola da gamba, Elly van Munster, theorbo, and Vaughan Schlepp, harpsichord.


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