Video: I Fagiolini performs Gibbons



I first heard I Fagiolini* as a student in London. The ensemble was performing in a concert showcase of young British groups at the Greenwich International Early Music Festival and Exhibition. I Fagiolini didn’t present repertoire I expected them to, namely, madrigals or some related early consort music. Instead, they sang a traditional African song. I knew then and there that they weren’t your typical vocal ensemble.

Directed by Robert Hollingsworth, the group has since developed some fascinating staged programs, including L’Amfiparnaso, The Full Monteverdi, and Tallis in Wonderland (see links below for trailers)all terrific concepts for exploring Renaissance and early Baroque music in a post-modern and highly accessible way.

I especially like that the ensemble doesn’t take itself too seriously, they know how to give a world-class performance while having fun. Here’s I Fagiolini in concert with the English anthem “O clap your hands” by Orlando Gibbons.

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*I Fagiolini means “the small beans” in Italian. (more…)

(photo: Eric Richmond)

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