Video: La Ritirata Performs Telemann



Georg Philipp Telemann composed quite a few pieces that feature the recorder—solos, trios, quartets, cantatas, and so on.

On the small-scale end, the surviving handful of sonatas for recorder and basso continuo are very charming, often witty, and perpetually entertaining. They are well-constructed in spite of what we know about Telemann’s reputation for churning-out lots of works of varying interest and quality.

Here’s the third movement—Vivace—from a sonata in C major, beautifully performed by the Spanish ensemble La Ritirata, based in Madrid (and directed by Josetxu Obregón).

The performers are Tamar Lalo, recorder, Enrike Solinís, baroque guitar, and Josetxu Obregón, cello.


Learn More: La Ritirata Website and YouTube Channel

(photo: Courtesy of the Ensemble)

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