Video: Laterna Magica Performs Mozart



Laterna Magica is not your typical ensemble of recorders plus basso continuo (there are quite a few of them out there). As the group’s YouTube channel shows, they have a seriously adventurous side, full of wit and virtuosity.

In the video below, Natalie Houtman and Laura Pok trade their recorders for a pair csakans. A duct flute not unlike a recorder, the csakan was invented during the early nineteenth century by Anton Heberle, who was also the first to play it in public.

The csakans heard in the video are in the key of Ab and were built by Guido Hulsens after originals by Heberle. Houtman and Pok perform an arrangement (by Pok) of W.A. Mozart’s overture to Le Nozze di Figaro, K 492.

They are accompanied by Raphaël Collignon on an 1833 Pleyel square piano.


Learn more: Laterna Magica website

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