Video: Mare Nostrum and Vox Luminis Perform Domenico Mazzochi



It’s not unusual to watch a video of a recording session for a CD that has yet to be released. After all, it can only only help what might be called “pre-marketing,” which only serves to whet our appetites, so to speak.

The following video was shot during such a session with ensembles Mare Nostrum and Vox Luminis for an upcoming release. Directed by Andrea de Carlo, the program centers around 17th-century Roman works for the viola da gamba and will be titled Un concerto per I Barberini (“A concert for the Barberinis”).

Sounds fascinating, no?

Unfortunately, it won’t be out until next year on the Ricercar label.

Until then, here’s an excerpt—Domenico Mazzochi‘s Oh, se poteste from his 1638 book of “madrigals for five voices and other varied concertos.”


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