Video: Marisu Pavon Performs ‘Entre dos alamos’



There seems to be only one significant music manuscript from Peru’s Spanish colonial past. At least one that performers continually draw from. Dating back to the seventeenth century, the manuscript contains songs (whole and fragments) that are typical of the period, many of them unique.

One of the most popular pieces from the manuscript, the song Entre dos alamos verdes (“Between two green poplars”) is by an unknown composer while the text was written by Spanish poet Lope de Vega. Whoever set it to music, took a short excerpt from Vega’s novel Las fortunas de Diana. (He wasn’t alone, another composer—Juan Blas de Castroalso set it.)

Here’s a performance by the ensemble Musica Temprana, with soprano Marisú Pavón and baroque guitarist Regina Albanez.

Learn more: Here’s another song found in the manuscript.

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