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Of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of “Messiah” performances around the world during the past year, there is probably none more unique than the ones delivered in Jerusalem by the Liturgi-kal Choir and Israel Chamber Orchestra (Monica Meira Vasques, cond.).

What distinguished theirs was the language it was sung in—Hebrew—newly translated for a series of performances in May and December.

I would love to read the program notes in order to learn about the concept behind the translation and potential impact on a (presumably) Jewish audience.

Like any translation of “Messiah” into a local/regional language, this one certainly makes it more accessible to an Israeli audience, yet goes further by deconstructing the traditional English text (selected by Charles Jennens)—taken from the King James and Great Bibles—and replacing it with the “original” Hebrew.

There is little more to say except that you should watch the video.

The soloists are Nava Loden, soprano, Paulo Mestre, countertenor, Eitan Drori, tenor, and David Loden, bass.


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