Video: Musica Amphion Performs J.S. Bach



Johann Sebastian Bach‘s fifth “Brandenburg Concerto” is technically an orchestral work for three soloists (flute, violin, harpsichord), strings, and basso continuo.

Yet it can also be fairly described as a kind of harpsichord concerto, even though it really isn’t that either.

Nevertheless, it’s has a terribly difficult and unarguably virtuosic harpsichord part (as you will see from the following video), dispatched beautifully by Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichordist and director of Musica Amphion, the accompanying ensemble.

Be sure to watch the expression on his face when the camera focuses on him, the intensity and calm is something to behold, as is the ease with which he plays Bach’s most difficult lines.

The clip comes from the Dutch television program Vrije Geluiden.


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