Video: ORLANDOviols performs Sandrin’s ‘Doulce memoire’



It’s a little difficult to properly describe the following video.

The music, Pierre Sandrin‘s Doulce memoire, is from ORLANDOviols new recording Sound out my voice!, while the presentation reminds me of digital short films (art pieces) I recently saw.

The atmospheric effect is very cool (all while discovering an ensemble I’d never heard of). I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

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  • Claire

    Hello! Claire from ORLANDOviols here! Perhaps I should explain a bit about the video. The video is intended, partially, to represent our days of recording the CD last year … we recorded in Germany in the middle of a hot summer with some pretty heavy storms – hence the stormy backdrop of the film-clip. All the photos in this clip were taken during our recording session, including the church door and keys. The creative digital film is our idea of merging this beautiful old music we get to play, with the technology of our present day world. A merge which we feel does not allow any compromises on either side.
    Btw, there are no storms present on the CD!! 🙂

  • Thanks, Claire!