Video: Raven Performs Dowland and Biber



Saxophonist Raaf Hekkema (pictured) is not your typical virtuoso. He is the restless type, a quality which no doubt took him from recording his own arrangement of Paganini’s violin caprices to forming Raven, a “pop-style baroque” trio whose aim is to play “as authentic as can be – on instruments of today and with a 21st-century attitude.”

Raven’s other members are Wiek Hijmans, electric guitar, and Joshua Samson, percussion.

The trio definitely achieves a uniquely self-imposed identity and sound, exploring the music of Biber, Purcell, Dowland, and others. Here are a couple videos of them performing on the Dutch television program Vrije Geluiden.

After John Dowland, “Flow my tears” and Earl of Essex Gaillard.

After Heinrich Biber, Passacaglia for solo violin.

Learn More: Who is Raaf Hekkema?

(photo: courtesy of Hekkema website)

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