Video: Soprano Claron McFadden at TEDxAmsterdam



Although she’s billed as “best known for her readings of modern and contemporary music,” I know American soprano Claron McFadden mostly as an oratorio singer, whom I’ve heard on many a period-instrument recording of J.S. Bach, Handel, and other later-Baroque composers.

And just like the early music pioneers of yesteryear, she excels at both early and new music, her talent and energy having few bounds.

It was a terrific surprise to discover that she was a speaker at TEDxAmsterdam (November, 2010), part of the TED Talks series which presents all manner of creative minds (not just the arts).

Her thoughts about the human voice and singing are fascinating and worth a listen. As an added treat, she sings throughout her presentation and closes with John Cage‘s “Aria” for unaccompanied voice.


Learn more: Claron McFadden website

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