Video: Tercia Realidad Performs Purcell and Locke



A brief introduction to the ensemble, in their own words.

Inspired by the 16th Century Cervantian term “Tercia Naturaleza” which gives the name to a third reality where fantasy and the real world meet each other and fuse. Tercia Realidad is a utopia created by Jorge Jimenez in which music goes back to its origins as a language to express emotions and feelings as well as a fusion of personalities, ideas and sounds.

Here’s a video of the ensemble performing music of 17th-century England by two the country’s most prominent composers—Henry Purcell and Matthew Locke—the latter recognized as Purcell’s mentor.

  • Minuet, courant, and martial gigue (Locke)
    “Oh, fair Cedaria” (Purcell)
    Canon a 4 (Locke)

Learn more: Tercia Realidad website

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