Video: The Sixteen Performs J.S. Bach



Harry Christophers and The Sixteen (photo: courtesy of the ensemble)

There are only six compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach that are considered motets. Like all of his works, they are numbered—BWV 225-230—which is not to suggest a chronological set but as a way of corraling them into one area of the Bach catalog.

Here’s a video of The Sixteen performing the motet Komm, Jesu, komm, BWV 229, a masterpiece of beautiful and introverted melancholy.

Harry Christophers directs. (Translation below.)



1. Chorus
Come, Jesus, come, my body is weary,
my strength wanes more and more,
I long for Your peace;
the sour path becomes too difficult for me!
Come, come, I will yield myself to You,
You are the true path,
truth and life.

2. Aria
Therefore I enclose myself in Your Hands
and say goodnight to you, world!
Even though my lifetime rushes to its end,
my spirit is nevertheless prepared.
It shall soar with its Savior,
since Jesus is and remains
the true path to life.

(Translation: Emmanuel Music)

Learn more: The Sixteen Website

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