Vintage Photo: Holland Festival of Early Music



At the end of the 1980s, photographer Co Broerse attended the annual Holland Festival of Early Music for several consecutive years in order to capture some of the musicians and ensembles taking part. What he managed to do, however, was to photograph some of the world’s finest early music specialists in rehearsal, performance, or just taking a break.

The photos have an intimate feel to them—most are close-up shots that allow the viewer a glimpse at facial expressions.

And while some the people are no longer with us, the images show the venerable festival to bring together, as it usually did, the famous and the up-and-coming. Little has changed in the ensuing years.

View Broerse’s photos as a slide show at the top of the post or individually on his Flickr page.

Francis Baines, Renaissance violone 1163-02

(Francis Baines, Renaissance violone; Photo: Co Broerse)

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