Vivaldi Magnificat at the 2010 Berkeley Festival & Exhibition



I didn’t have an opportunity to attend this year’s Berkeley Festival and Exhibition, which meant missing the concluding concert that brought together many of the ensembles featured at the festival—Archetti, ARTEK, AVE, and Magnificat, among others—all conducted by Warren Stewart.

Entitled “Vespers in Venice from Monteverdi to Vivaldi,” I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in the audience for the performance of Antonio Vivaldi‘s Magnificat, a wonderful work that has always made an impression on me, whether performing or just listening to it.

Thankfully, the entire Magnificat was recorded and can be heard online. It is a lovely and vibrant performance with the kind of energy that only a live concert can generate. I regret missing it but the recording is a terrific substitute.

Listen (click through): Magnificat, A. Vivaldi, Various Ensembles, Warren Stewart, dir.

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