Vivian Maier, John Maloof, and Chicago



It’s hard to remember how I came across Vivian Maier‘s photography, but from the very first image I was drawn in by its beauty and power.

At the time her work was little-known and she had only just been discovered, through serendipity, by a twenty-something Chicago resident named John Maloof, who set up a blog dedicated to her—Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work (click on the above image to visit).

Since the find in 2007, he and a colleague have become her champions, spending countless hours ensuring that the world gets a proper introduction to Maier and her work. Next month, the Chicago Cultural Center will host the very first American exhibition of her photographs, of which eighty will be on display.

Here’s an excellent feature on Chicago Tonight with the background story, told by Maloof and people that knew Maier, as well information on the upcoming exhibit.

Learn more:

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  • Jeff

    Does anyone know who is the artist of the background music (piano playing at 2:20 and 9:00)? Magical…