Voices from the 18th Century: Should The Castrati Be Allowed To Marry?



The title page to Charles Ancillon’s Eunuchism display’d (1718) is an ideal introduction to a book that seeks to ask if the castrati (eunuchs) have a moral right to marry (among other things).


Describing all the different sorts of EUNUCHS;

The esteem they have met with in the World, and how they came to be made so. Wherein principally is examin’d, whether they are capable of Marriage, and if they ought to be suffer’d to enter into that State.

The whole confirm’d by the Authority of Civil, Canon, and Common Law, and illustrated with many remarkable Cases by way of Precedent.

Also a Comparison between Signior Nicolini and the Three celebrated Eunuchs now at Rome, viz. Pasqualini, Pauluccio, and Jeronimo (or Momo): With several Observations on Modern Eunuchs.

Occasion’d by a young Lady’s falling in Love with Nicolini, who sung in the Opera at the Hay-market, and to whom she had like to have been Married.

Written by a person of HONOUR.

READ: a digital facsimile of Eunuchism display’d.

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