William Lyons, Early Wind Instrument Player



The biography of William Lyons (pictured), director of the Dufay Collective and fixture on the British early music scene, is quite poetic, to say the least.

In sixty-four did Ada D
Give birth unto the boy that’s me.
I never settled very well,
School for me a merry hell.

But Mr Lawrence he did order:
“You should learn to play recorder.”
Thus was a path lain out for me,
It was indeed my destiny

To play the shawm, the crumhorn bold,
The curtal, pipes and flutes quite old.
I studied these at Guildhall School:
My mistake, I was a fool.

That fateful day it then did dawn
When this Collective it was born.
With Lewin, Bevan, Skuce and more
We wowed them all on every tour.

I teach at Guildhall, RCM,
MD at Globe every now and then,
Recordings many have I made,
Airwaves full of the tunes I’ve played.

I too compose, for what it’s worth,
And plain ignore my widening girth.
So here I sit at forty-five
Amazed at how I’m still alive.

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